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AML Training Compliance Management System. Is a technological tool that allows in a global fashion, the administrative and operational processes that is normally carried out by Compliance Units to train human resources in the AML &Compliance field, although it can also be adapted for rolex replica uk purposes in all areas of the organization. (Corporate version).

With AML Training Compliance Management System, you and your organization in an automated way will be able to plan, control and carry out an adequate follow up process of all matters related to theses areas. This tool, no doubt, will constitute the closest ally of the Compliance Officers.

It will also allow you, in simple fashion, the creation of the AML Annual Compliance Plan, containing all necessary data, needed in this matter.

The tool will centralize of the function by requesting data from regional or central areas and with this interaction, all responsible officers will participate in the creation of an ideal plan

  Annual Planning

AML Training Compliance Management System, allows you replica watches sale in a simple way the whole Annual Planning for your organization, including all requirements that an AML Training Plan needs.

This tool allow you decentralize this function, by requirements from other central dependencies or by regions, the complete loading of hublot replica involve in the planning, that means, Regional Managers from the differents Agencies will participate in and under the supervision of a central administrator of Training Workshops and Events in order to achieve an ideal planning based on knowledgement and commitment of some instances that generally can`t get involved in the annual planning, generating huge negative impacts by personnel absences.

   Polls and Evaluations

After spending important amounts of money on training, are we certain of its effectiveness?  Are we clear we met our expectations?  Are we sure that the contents, didactic material, class commodities for trainees were appropriate? 

All this information and more, in an easy and automated form, will be classified, without incorporating additional personnel

.   Follow-up and control

AML Training Compliance Management System will facilitate the necessary tools to control the execution of budget in real time, and if deviation is being conducted. Also, modifications can be introduced to the initial plan.

Via scan, you will be able to retrieve all information related to the training sessions in order to demonstrate its status.

The module automatically will remind tag heuer replica sale of necessary assistance to sessions, will send the confirmation of assistance, fill out forms of student’s satisfaction level. Therefore, it will become your best ally in follow up and control process of the chores that supervisors today do manually

.   Administration

AML Training Compliance Management System will allow the administration of holidays to ensure adequate planning. Will maintain the records of messages, invitations, polling records, remainders, warnings, student’s satisfaction Levels, and lack of receipt of any of these forms.

Will also administer the planning of future events, creating, modifying if necessary, dates, times, places, adding or eliminating participants and any characteristic in order to conform training sessions

  Diagnostic Center

This tool is present at all modules that comprise the AML Training Compliance Management System, This Diagnostic Center on Training, It will allow you to print reports related to events of past and present dates; also showing its comparison, providing you on click!, the information needed to take effective and opportunely decisions.