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AML Management Compliance System SICG 2.0 AML Compliance Training Management Regulatory Requirements Management System AML Case Management & SAR’S AML Responsible Officers (ACO’s/BUCO’s) AML Annual Compliance Plan Global Diagnostic Center

Global Compliance Services, Inc., is an International Enterprise dedicated to offer and deliver integral solutions to our customers needs in Information Technology. At the moment we own a software factory dedicated to the creation, maintenance and consultancy of products oriented to areas of Training and Anti-Money Laundering in Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and Capital Market thus, contributing to the improvement of tasks associates to areas of training of human resources, and  analysis and control of financial operations, in order to detect and report suspicious activities, facilitating opportune delivery and compliance with regulatory demands. Moreover, will help across the all follow up process, providing adequate supervision and control of your Compliance Plan, and to the Money Laundering Responsible Officer’s AML Plans (MLRO’s), besides others assigned to personnel involved in the supervision.

Global Compliance Services, Inc., is conformed by multigroup teams in areas of System Development, Engineering, Software Implementation, Artificial Intelligence and management, based on the higher level of excellence that our customers deserves and demands.



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