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Is a technological solution created to strengthen the organizational principle of Enhance Due Diligence, allowing control at all times of the Compliance Plans to prevent that your organization, may be used to launder money and terrorist financing.

AML Compliance Plan Management System will help your organization, to take right decisions, to prevent unnecessary risks and avoid costly fines by giving you the complete information on a click-to-click basis which usually is not centralized.
It is your ally in creating a statistical information archive for analysis and procedures. It will administrate, and have at your disposal:

  • Global Execution Advances and plan comparisons
  • Cost control
  • Estimated Cost of the initial budget plan or, any other activity you may wish to compare.
  • Compliance Execution Velocity.

Also, AML Compliance Plan Management System will allow the creation of the formats of the compliance plan in a physical and electronic way, that some Regulatory Agencies require in order to measure and evaluate compliance.

AML Compliance Plan Management System is the tool your organization requires to reach excellence in due diligence. The tool is able to automatically interact with all Responsible Officers and Instances within your organization. It will automatically send messages, alerts, and request via e mail specific requirements.

This solution also contemplate a Diagnostic Center that is present in all the modules of AML Compliance Plan Management System, and will permit on real time to see how the program is being conducted and executed by a region, country, etc.

To many Papers? AML Compliance Plan Management System will offer the creation of your own central archive, with the capacity to add documents via scanner, e-mail, word format, excel, pdf., ppt., etc, in order to have always up to date information that will resist any inspection by auditors and regulator, and guarantees opportune delivery to this same authorities.

The Messenger Center present in all our solutions will in your name, contact all responsible parties when necessary, it will request information from these centers when it detects lateness in the reports.



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