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AML Case Management System is a solution directed to configure Enhanced Due Diligence contemplated in all AML existing Laws and regulations. It functions as an administrator of cases, permitting a coherent analysis and better supervision of all financial transactions, allowing the AML Units a very strong support.

It will facilitate receipt of the information needed. This information which is normally at your disposal but, not administrated in a centralize way, will allow you to evaluate the cases well in advance before they can harm your organization improving effectiveness and reducing cost of effort.

AML Case Management System is your best ally to create statistic data containing:

  • Sources of Information linked to cases
  • Information receipt from: Presumption, Internal Monitoring, Newspaper, Direct Observation in Branches, offices, etc.
  • Transactions  Type
  • Level
  • Type of currency used
  • Products and services used/affected
  • Customer’s Economic Activity
  • Type of Customer Corporate/Individual/Nationality/International/Government,etc
  • Dates (Month/Day/Year) when case started
  • Dates (Month /Day/Year) culmination of cases
  • Time average from start to end of cases (Productivity)
  • Related Informations

Also, it will allow you to print out the forms that are used to Report Suspicious Activities to regulatory offices.

AML Case Management System is what your organization needs to reach higher levels of due diligence.

The tool will permit interaction with internet searches, will send messages, will alert and interact with existing data bases, list of exemptions, mail handling, and reactivated listings.

Allow AML Case Management System to take over the administration of:

  • Analyzed customers previously discarded.
  • Customers in observation or in the process of being analyzed
  • Customers reported in a period of less than one year
  • Customers that previously had justified their operation



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