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The solution is directed to strengthen the organizational principle of Enhance Due Diligence, allowing control at all times to determine the process of the compliance of all responsibilities assigned to the Board of Directors, President; AML Unit; Compliance Officer and other AML Responsible Officers (MLRO’s), there by preventing that the organization may be used to launder money and terrorist financing.
It will deliver the information needed to be informed and take effective decisions to control unnecessary risks covering also the rest of your personnel.

With available current funds is your organization adequately controlling the many tasks involve by your directors or managers? Don’t worry!, AMLaundering Responsible Officers (ACO’s/BUCO’s) Management Compliance System will do it for you.

AMLaundering Responsible Officers (ACO’s/BUCO’s) Management Compliance System, is your ally in the construction of statistical information for analytical and procedural ends. Allow the solution to administrate and have at your disposal:

  • Comparison of executed plans by MLRO’s
  • Geographical Control where your organization has presence.
  • Budget and Cost Control
  • Time/Duration of the Plan.

It will also create annual tag heuer replica sale plans for MLRO’s, all in electronic and physical format needed by the regulatory agencies. It will interact in an automated fashion, to send messages, Alerts, information demands via e-mail to grab specific requirements for compliance.

The Diagnostic Center present in all our modules will permit you to know in real time the degree of compliance of all activities being performed by each Responsible Officer in any replica watches area he may be stationed  
To many Papers?AMLaundering Responsible Officers (ACO’s/BUCO’s) Management Compliance System will offer the creation of your own central archive, with the rolex replica sale to add documents via scanner, e-mail, word format, excel, pdf, ppt, etc, in each activity having always up to date information that will resist any inspection by auditors and regulator, and guarantees opportune delivery to these same authorities.

The Messenger Center present in all our fake rolex sale will in your name, contact all responsible parties when necessary, it will request information from these centers when it detects lateness in the reports.